The Coast

I am fortunate enough to live a stone' s throw from the Pacific Ocean which sustains me with endless inspiration for creativity. Coastal landscapes hold a special place in the imaginations and psyche of peoples around the world. They are dynamic, the shoreline literally shifting with time in an ongoing liminal state between land and sea, and yet there is a sense of certainty in coastal environments. The effortless constant of tidal ebb and flow, hides and reveals elements along the ocean's edge. This edge is a landscape that can be both destructive and nourishing, harsh and vibrant and, with the great physical power, also comes a spiritual power to calm, connect and heal the soul.

I hope you enjoy getting lost in the galleries. I have curated my work into loosely into ecosystems but, just like the natural world, delineations are messy and there are many entanglements. You can find detailed information of the print media I offer here. To purchase artwork, please select your preferred size and medium below your chosen image in my galleries. If you prefer a size that is not listed, or you have an alternative medium or finish in mind, please do get in touch.