The Six Month Passport - Coaching and Mentoring

I offer personalised (written) coaching or mentoring on a specific topic of your choosing. These include, but are not limited to:

- How to cultivate personal expression in your photography to make more meaningful images.
- Skills for learning how to pay attention more deeply.
- Developing your own photography practices.
- Focusing on a particular technical aspect of your photography, such as composition.

Creating new work takes persistence, patience and requires active participation. It is a slow process to develop your creative practices. It resists and challenges what we experience in other aspects of our fast-paced grind culture. By having times of stillness and reduced sensory overload, we expand our sense-abilities, letting go of attachments and expectations. Instead, we have space to invite possibility and practise seeing what arises. The Six Month Passport is deliberately designed to slow the pace, to build relationship and to create a safe space for personal growth.

You will receive an initial questionnaire to help me understand how best to guide you on your journey.

You can send me up to 10 individual images for review each month (or small groups of images) as well as up to 3000 words of creative or reflective written thoughts that go along with that work.

Each month you’ll receive:

- Detailed, personalised feedback and supportive critique on your work to help you identify next steps.
- Tools for growth and deepening your reflective thinking.
- Reading suggestions.
- Homework! Each month I will set you an assignment or a set of commitments that may challenge your thinking.
- Option to continue coaching for a further six months as a reduced rate.

$1,350.00 CAD